CRP Presbytery Meeting November 2018

1 Jan 0001 by Janise Wood in: Presbytery News

The Last 2018 Canberra Region Presbytery meeting of the year was held on the 24th November at Greenhills Conference Centre.

The meeting was successful and productive thanks to all for serious work and a co-operative spirit on the part of everybody as the meeting faced a very full full agenda. The Presbytery is certainly a busy place and a long needed redrafting of the Bylaws was discussed at length with suggestions emailed through to Kevin for final consideration. It was a credit to the meeting in the way it handled  the discussion which resolved to give firm affirmation to the assembly decision on Marriage and endorse our commitment to being an inclusive church and learning to live together and respect our diversity. There were moving occasions where this was demonstrated through out the gathering.

Daniel Mossfield was approval for ordination and it was a moving and joyful experience. Daniel spoke most eloquently on his call to Ministry and the “tending of the flock” in rural communities which held special meaning for him. An invitation to lay hands on Daniel was extended and a beautiful prayer captured our spirits raised in support of Daniel. It is with our gratitude that Daniel has had the call from Christ to be his minister in the Canberra Region Presbytery and we all pray for the enabling power of the Holy Spirit to equip him in his service.     

Another highlight was a Birthday cake and well wishes for Derek Watson from Alpine who had his 90th birthday on the 26th of this month. I’m sure all the Presbytery will join us in wishing him the very best.

 The meeting was tinged with some sadness as we acknowledged the closing of service as Co-Chair from Vanessa Crimmins. Vanessa thanked the Presbytery for their support throughout her term and particularly mentioned the support of John Williams and John Sutton.  

The business portion of the meeting went well with all minutes and reports received and the elections for 2019 completed. Special thanks to Alistair Christie, John Sutton and Nigal Hawkins for volunteering as scrutineers for the election.

In closing the Presbytery extends its warmest wishes and thanks to John, Harold and their staff at Greenhills for their hospitality and delicious lunch. 

Let’s also not forget to acknowledge the Congregation Representatives who are caring participants and make a significant and meaningful contribution to our Presbytery by sharing their time and expertise.

Have a lovely day 

Janise Wood

Daniel Mossfield-Laying of Hands

Derek and Miriam Share some Birthday Cake