Property Forms and Information

2 Dec 2018 by Janise Wood in: Services

Property Services within the Synod of NSW and the ACT assists all parts of the The Uniting Church Synod of NSW and ACT to manage our properties for purchase, sale, build, lease and maintenance. 

We can help with:

  • Purchase and Sale
  • Leases, Agreements and Contracts
  • Property Agreements
  • Property Sales Proceeds Policy Funds Management and Distributions

We can also advise about building management including: Energy and water efficiency, building compliance, Work Health Safety property requirements such as fire safety, maintenance, information and records, heritage, valuations and signage.

We are the central point of all relevant property information including land values, Annual Fire Statements, cemetery information, energy reporting, contractor engagement, funding grants, acts and legislation.

For facts sheets and forms on all property matters please click on the following link:  

Did you know that congregations need to complete a manse inspection report each time their Minister enters or leaves a manse? Please click here for more information and the checklist form.

What are the expectations on manses? click here for an agreement form between the Minister and the congregation. Make it clear from the start and look after your Minister.

Your local Presbytery team can also provide information and support in all property matters. Please use the contact us page and drop us an email or call the Presbytery office. We are here to help.