Work Health and Safety

2 Dec 2018 by Janise Wood in: Services

Health and safety are a priority

Workplace Safety Services (WSS) provides a Work Health and Safety Management System structure for the Synod of New South Wales and the ACT.

Synod services can be adopted by individual entities. 

Health and safety is central to what we do

The health, safety and wellbeing of workers, volunteers, Ministers, contractors and visitors at our sites are high priorities for the Uniting Church. We want all of our workers to be able to come to do their job in a safe way and to be provided a protected work environment.  We also look after workers’ compensation claims for employing entities within the Synod.

The following can give you information on how you can protect your Ministers, employees and volunteers.

The WHS Toolkit for Congregations helps Presbyteries, Congregations and other Synod entities to set-up and run a Work, Health Safety System to provide a safe system of work and a safe location of work to meet your obligations and responsibilities under the Work Health and Safety (WHS) legislation.

Work and Healthy Safety Toolkit

Training and Support