Uniting Church Vision Statement for a Just Australia

27 Mar 2019 by Janise Wood in: Latest UCA News

The Uniting Church Vision Statement for a Just Australia is a collaboration of those working in justice across the church, including in Synods, Agencies and the Assembly.


The resource encourages people to think deeply and engage in conversations about the kind of nation we want Australia to be and to reflect on where our faith in Jesus is calling us to seek out justice for all.


The statement’s release has been timed with the lead up to the Federal election and is intended to assist people to reflect on the issues in small groups or host public forums with local candidates.


President Deidre Palmer has commended the statement. In her introduction she writes:


“I commend this resource to congregations and Uniting Church members. It is offered as a way of resourcing us as a Church, as we seek to live out our Christian discipleship in every aspect of our lives. As followers of Christ, each one of us is called to be a voice for justice and hope in our communities, in Australia and in the world.”


The Vision Statement is expressed in seven foundational areas. It includes witness from the Bible and statements made by the Uniting Church.

There is a snapshot of the current situation in Australia across the seven foundations and key actions that are needed to move us toward the vision.


You can read and download the statement here: https://uniting.church/visionstatement2019/