Fresh Expressions at Ginninderry

6 Feb 2022 by Rev Karyl Davison & Rev Aimee Kent in: Letters, Thoughts, News

Fresh Expressions at Ginninderry

From Rev Aimee Kent and Rev Karyl Davison
Ministers - Kippax Uniting Church

Many members of our Presbytery will know that it has long been hoped that the UCA could establish a presence in the housing development now known as Ginninderry.   The congregation at Kippax have voiced the same hope in several vision planning sessions over the past 5 years.  That hope has become an emerging reality.
Building on the relationship initially forged between UnitingCare Kippax and Riverview Developments, the Kippax congregation and it’s Fresh Ways team, has begun practical engagement with the Ginninderry community.   
In 2020 the congregation, guided by the timeline developed by the Fresh Expression movement begun in the UK, began a journey of listening and experimenting with new ways of gathering as church which would both build on existing partnerships and experiment with new ones with other congregations and community groups.

Over the last two years or so, a variety of new expressions of church have emerged and flourished. In addition to our regular Sunday worship, which since early 2020 has been offered both in-person, and on Zoom, the following new expressions of church have been started:
- Walking Church, held in conjunction with Gungahlin UC every 2 weeks. This has been an excellent opportunity to engage people from across the age spectrum. It’s also an easy entry point for people not already part of the Kippax community;
- B.I.L.T. is an intergenerational, interactive and multi-dimensional style of worship held once a month;
- Daisy Way emerged as a result of Covid restrictions. It is similar to B.I.L.T. in style but is restricted to a smaller number of family groups who meet in a family home;
- Space for God is a contemplative style of worship held once a month;
- Years and Years Watch Party and Discussion Group;
- The Good Place Explored Watch Party and Discussion Group;
- Theological Book Club;
- Craft Church (with a view to morph this group into leadership of Sustainable Sundays out at Ginninderry;)
- and provision of ‘at home’ worship resources throughout the pandemic.
Kippax is fortunate that for the last 3 1/2  years we have a Ministry Team comprised of two Ministers who each have unique experience working within the church planting and fresh expressions movement.
Whilst UnitingCare Kippax has been engaged with Ginninderry around education, employment and empowerment, the congregation has also been actively involved in community development and exploring fresh ways of being church in the area.

Easter Event
In 2021 Kippax was invited by the Ginninderry Community Development Officer, to run an Easter event for residents. This collaboration involved Easter Art, Scavenger Hunts, Hot Cross buns and too many chocolate eggs. It was such a success, planning is already underway to expand the event next year to include a meal and movie.

Sustainable Sundays
In November 2021 we were finally able to launch Sustainable Sundays (delayed by Covid restrictions) partnering with SEE Change and Ginninderry.  This sustainable art Fresh Expression will run alongside a monthly repair café to offer a space to learn practical skills to enable sustainable living.

Paddy’s Play days
Kippax Uniting has also been invited to join Ginninderry in their new initiative, activating play days, in the new Paddy’s Park. These play days involve things like dog agility sets, games, art craft and fun together in the park.
Blessing of the Animals
A Blessing of the Animals has been a long tradition within Kippax Uniting Church. This year it is planned that the Blessing will move to Paddy’s Park in Ginninderry, where we will work alongside the Ginninderry Choir and local conservation groups to enable residents to engage with local animals and learn about how we can be a blessing to them and our environment. There will of course be an opportunity for people to bring their own pets along to the event for a blessing!