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27 Mar 2020 by Janise Wood in: Letters, Thoughts, News


Gungahlin Uniting Church has a list of useful podcasts for faith formation - many listed below. Full details and recommendations of where to start can be found on GUC's website: http://www.gungahlinuniting.org/?page_id=3846


The Bible For Normal People

TBFNP is a collaboration between Pete Enns (author, scholar, speaker) and Jared Byas (speaker, author, pastor). The hosts talk with each other and special guests about the bible. Episodes explore the bible, theology, narrative, history, faith, sexuality and much more.

Link: peteenns.com/podcast/


The Bible Project

One of the best conversational podcasts on the bible. Hosts Tim Mackie and Jon Collins engage in conversations that help the team condense a topic into 5 minute short and informative videos. 

The videos are great, but if you have the time check out the podcast, they’re much longer and are packed with great conversation.

The entire series is listed at this link: thebibleproject.com/podcast/series/god-series/

Link: thebibleproject.com


Parenting Forward

Cindy Wang Brandt has written a great book titled “Parenting Forward, How to raise children with Justice, Mercy and Kindness” which aims to equip parents/carers/guardians to raise families with a focus on loving others and living out the love and hospitality of Jesus.

Link: cindywangbrandt.com/parenting-forward/


God Forbid

Religion: it’s at the centre of world affairs, but profound questions still remain. Why are you here? What happens when you die? Does God matter? God Forbid seeks the answers.

This podcast comes out of the ABC Studios and includes conversations on faith, culture and life. Topics often involve conversations between people of many faiths and no faith, so while it’s not a “Christian” podcast it’s a great space to reflect on spiritual topics.

Link: abc.net.au/radionational/programs/godforbid/


Working Preacher Podcast(s)

The Working Preacher is a project of Luther Seminary, it’s a great resource of discussions, essays, reflections and commentary on the bible, specifically set up to help people in the task of preaching and engaging with scripture.

Released every week, WP is an invaluable resource for preachers, and great resource for people wanting to explore the week’s scripture as they commute.

Link: workingpreacher.org


Exploring My Strange Bible

Tim Mackie is one of the people behind The Bible Project and, in this podcast he shares talks, reflections and sermons that he has given in the past to churches and events.

Link: thebibleproject.com/podcasts/exploring-my-strange-bible/


The Robcast

Author, speaker, communicator Rob Bell has had an interesting journey, he’s now authored 10 books, the latest of which is “What Is The Bible?

Link: robbell.com/portfolio/robcast/


The Work Experience Podcast

Bradon French is is the Youth Ministry Coordinator within the Intergenerational team of the UCA Synod of Victoria and Tasmania.

This podcast is focused on youth ministry and traverses topics of scripture, resources, books, multicultural ministry, rural ministry, youth ministry and more.

Link: workxpc.com


The Gungahlin UCA website has a good listing of movie resources to help grow your discipleship, which you can access at http://www.gungahlinuniting.org/?page_id=5294


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