The Life of the Presbytery - Standing Committee

2 May 2021 by Presbytery Standing Committee in: Letters, Thoughts, News

The Life of the Presbytery

Our Presbytery has 26 Congregations, worshipping in 44 different locations, and 23 stipended Ministers or Pastors. The key focus of our Presbytery leadership is to ensure all Congregations are resourced and equipped for their vital local mission and ministry. In this, Committees and special task groups play a critical part, and we thank God for the many lay and ordained people who volunteer their time and gifts to enable our faithful discipleship, worship and service to others.

Presbytery committees work to implement the five pillars of the Strategic Plan adopted in 2017: to resource Congregations to function in healthy ways; to work with Congregations to discover new futures; to care for Congregations facing radical change; to govern efficiently, increasing innovative and accountable leadership; and to deepen connections, working with the wider church for mutual well-being.

To help Congregations be up to date with the work of our Committees, this column will provide a weekly highlight of one or more. We also invite your comments, questions or insights for the encouragement and wellbeing of all our Presbytery.

Standing Committee
Standing Committee (SC), focusing on the fourth pillar - to govern efficiently - provides overall governance of the Presbytery between meetings of the full Presbytery. It meets every 6-8 weeks, and is chaired by the Co-Chairs.

Current members are Judy McKinlay and Ross Kingham (Co-Chairs), Jared Mitchell (Dep. Chair), Mike Evans (Property Chair), Elizabeth Raine (PRC Chair), John Squires (Pres Minister-Wellbeing), Andrew Smith (Pres Minister-Congregational Futures), John Sutton (Presbytery Treasurer), Robbie Tulip (Presbytery Secretary), Janise Wood (Support), John Williams, Karyl Davison, Janice Munro, Brian Carle, Andrew Lund, John Goss, Jan Tarbotton.
At its most recent meeting, Standing Committee received reports from the other committees and dealt with matters such as property, mission, and congregational wellbeing.

Standing Committee also received notification from John Squires that he is requesting a change in his placement to 80%, as from 1 July. This will enable John to take up a 20% role as Editor of With Love to the World, a daily Bible study resource produced by the Uniting Church. As a consequence, the Standing Committee is currently reviewing the Terms of Placement of both Presbytery Ministers. A working group will also be considering how COVID has impacted these roles, and what changes in modes of operating might best be included in the revised Terms of Placement. The working group recognizes that the Spirit brings wisdom and insight through all God’s people and any thoughts on this matter may be communicated to the Co-Chairs.

Next Week: Pastoral Relations Committee (PRC).